HayLo: Slow Hay
& Haylage Feeder

Improve your Horse's Attitude and Performance and Eliminate All Waste with Haylo Horsefeeder

HayLo Horse Feeder recommended by Veterinarians, Chiropractors, Physiotherapists & Equine Dentists
A Trickle Feeder which is the THE next best thing to Natural Grazing

HayLo Horse Feeder – Slow Down Indoor and Outdoor Hay & Haylage Feeder and Soaker

Improve your horse’s Attitude and Performance by feeding little and often, with a low head position, as intended by nature. Simulate a natural grazing environment within your stable or fatty paddock. Eat Slow…Eat Low with HayLo Horse Feeder !!

HayLo is designed to simulate Natural Grazing, helping to alleviate the STRESS that is proven to cause Physical, Medical and Behavioural Conditions

View HayLo Horse Feeder In Action

Nature, your horse & you……..

To get the very best from our horses, it makes perfect sense to provide them with the very best of natural care. Nature designed the horse to trickle graze throughout the day from a naturally low head position, to maintain optimum health, and insure his survival as a prey & flight animal. The horse’s natural behaviour is deeply ingrained and so the closer we can align domesticated feeding practices with those as devised by nature, then the better it is for our horses over all physical and mental well-being. Happier horse, Happier you!!