The horse is a prey and flight animal with a digestive system designed to support an ability to flee at a moment’s notice. Eating little and often so as never too hungry, never too full- always ready to run-has ensured the survival of the species for over three and a half million years…
Natural behaviour is deeply ingrained, and movement is an intrinsic part of the grazing patterns of a flight animal whose entire physiological system has been designed to eat from a low head position, as they would search and forage for up to 18 hours/day in the wild. While the domesticated horse has undoubtedly learned to adapt to feeding systems as devised by ourselves, their entire being is designed to be supported by the natural feeding patterns of the wild, and deviating from these natural patterns creates the underlying stress which is the ultimate cause of so many of the physical, medical and behavioural problems seen in our horses today.. .
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