As an Equine Behaviorist and a British Horse Society Instructor respectively, Gillian and Barbara have a wealth of experience between them, working in the industry in a professional capacity for over twenty years.

A shared love of horses, and a genuine belief that we as owners are responsible for providing our horses with the best possible care, led to researching the science behind the natural behavioral patterns of horses in the wild.

The HayLo feeder was born out of the belief that the closer we can align our domestic horses feeding practices with those as designed by nature, the better it would be for their overall wellbeing – physically, medically and behaviorally.

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A Recommended Associate for Intelligent Horsemanship and holder of the Monty Roberts Preliminary Certificate of Horsemanship, Gillian has a vast knowledge of the inner workings of the equine mind- shown to us through their behaviours, their daily interactions with both their equine friends and us humans, and their relationship to their work- whether it be quiet hacking in the countryside or competition performance.

Gill works with ‘Problem horses’ on a daily basis helping to solve and prevent behavioral issues-from general handling, loading, and catching to preparing youngsters for backing, spook busting and confidence building; to the more serious issues of rearing, bucking, napping, bolting and displays of aggression- seen through kicking, biting, striking, barging and charging.
Gill’s knowledge and mind set causes her to always look for the root of the problem and to find the reason as to why a horse is displaying a particular behavior, and then help to present the solution to remove the unwanted behaviour, making life easier for both the horses and their owners.



As a BHSAI Instructor and holding the Irish Certificate in Equine Science, Barbara helps promote confidence through education of both the horse and rider. Working in various yards within Ireland and Europe; owning and managing a livery yard & riding school; hunting & competition riding;  breaking & schooling; selling & purchasing; involvement in the Pony Club & Riding Club, and many years of freelance teaching & training students for exams, have provided a sound knowledge base within the Equine Industry.