Slow Horse Feeder designed to replicate natural grazing patterns

HayLo Slow Horse Feeder is designed to replicate the natural grazing patterns of the horse when access to adlib grazing is neither viable nor available. HayLo allows the horse to eat from a low head position, and the design and placement of the feeding holes allows them to search, rip and chew as they would when grazing naturally.

It comprises of :

> A tub to contain the forage.

> A screw in bung to allow for soaking and draining of hay.

> A removable rim to keep the feeding grill within the tub.

> A feeding grill with three interchangeable feeding discs through which the horse extracts the forage- enabling you to choose the best size for your horse’s particular feeding requirements.

> 4 molded brackets to secure in position whether indoors or out.


What Forage can be fed ?

HayLo can be used to feed Hay (both dry and soaked) and Haylage.

How much Forage can it hold ?

The feeder can hold approx. 6.5kg of dry hay from a round bale and 8.5 kg of dry hay from a sectioned bale; 10kg of Haylage from a round bale and 12kg of Haylage from a vacuum packed bale

By how much will it slow down the eating process ?

The feeder will on average slow down the rate of consumption by up to four times the length of time it would take your horse to eat loose on the ground. You will find that as your horse becomes accustomed to having a steady stream of forage available, they will naturally self- regulate their eating and start to graze more slowly from the feeder , thus further extending the length of time the forage lasts. As your horse becomes used to the fact that there is feed available when they want it, they will no longer feel the need to gorge as soon as food is presented; as they will no longer be hungry, frustrated, stressed or uncomfortable. All of which can happen when left for extended periods without food.

How do I fill the Feeder ?

  1. Squeeze the two red catches underneath the rim simultaneously and twist anti-clockwise to remove the rim.
  2. Place the forage inside and really pack it in.
  3. Place the feeding grill on top of the forage insuring that the ‘ in and out’ shape of the feeding grill aligns with the ‘in and out’ shape of the tub.
  4. Place the rim on top of the tub and twist clockwise to ‘click’ into place.

With the rim in place it is IMPOSSIBLE for a horse to tip or remove the feeding grill.

Can I Soak Hay in the Feeder ?

HayLo doubles up as a hay soaker. Simply unclip the unit from its fixings if indoors. Hay can then be soaked for the required time inside the unit. Unscrewing the bung at the base of the tub will allow the excess water to drain away easily. The bung can then be replaced and the feeder re-secured ready for use.

How do I Introduce my horse to the Feeder ?

When first introducing your horse to HayLo it is best to provide forage on top of, as well as inside the feeder. This will allow your horse to become accustomed to both the feeder itself, and to eating from it. Start them off by first pulling some hay/haylage through the holes to show them where it is and how to access it. While some horses take to the feeder straight away, others may need a little more time to adapt.
If your horse has been without food for an extended period of time, we would also recommend that a small amount of forage be provided alongside the feeder. This will allow them to satiate their initial hunger without becoming frustrated, and as they start to relax they will then be able to graze slowly from the feeder itself.
Initially your horse may stand and eat continuously from the feeder, but after a few days when they realise that they now have a steady supply of forage, you will find that they will naturally self-regulate their eating and begin to dip in and out of the feeder as they would when grazing naturally.

What are the differences between the three feeding discs?

The new All Forage Disc

The triangular shaped hole pattern is suitable for all types of forage, wet and dry, short stemmed and chopped, average strand length and tough, long stemmed grasses.

90mm  Feeding Disc

The 90mm hole feeding disc is suitable for feeding  SOAKED HAY and HAYLAGE of average length stems, and for larger horses DRY HAY of average length stems.

70mm Feeding Disc

The 70mm feeding disc slows the rate of consumption even more as the horse has to ‘work’ harder to extract the forage through the smaller holes. It is suitable for feeding DRY HAY, SOAKED HAY & HAYLAGE of average length stems.

Animals are individual and some may find it easier to eat from a certain size hole than others, due to the type of forage being fed and the size of their mouth. If you are unsure as to which hole size would best suit your animal then it is best to go for the larger size to begin.  Alternating between the different disc sizes will soon show you which size best suits your horse or ponies needs.

Your HayLo Feeder  comes  with both the All Forage Disc and the  70mm disc . The 90mm disc may be purchased separately.

Please note for reasons of safety in order that your horses foot would not be become wedged in a feeding hole were he to place a hoof on the grill, the hoof size would need to be 1 inch/2.6cm/25.5mm larger than the feeding hole size of your chosen grill.

How do I secure the Feeder ?

HayLo’s robust design makes it suitable for use both indoors and out; from the stable and the barn, to the paddock, field and track System.

Its four fixing points, two on either side, top and bottom, enable it to be easily secured to a stable wall or fence post ensuring the feeder will remain in place and your horse will notbe able to roll it around the stable or field. (Four wall plates and two straps are provided with the feeder for securing, and directions are provided in the downloadable PDF above  & also in the Videos section)

What material is the Feeder made from ?

HayLo is made from HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) Plastic. HDPE is an extremely strong material designed to rip or tear in a malfunction instead of shattering and becoming shrapnel like, thereby making it extremely safe in the unlikely event a horse were to break it. HDPE can withstand temperatures of -30°C to +60°C. The tub and rim are blow moulded, and the feeding grill and 70 mm & 90mm discs are injection moulded for extra strength.

What are the Dimensions, Weight & Colour ?

HayLo is 625mm (62.5 cm) H x 650mm (65 cm) W. The height and width of the feeder allows both horses and ponies plenty of head space whilst grazing from it. The depth of the feeder is shallow enough so as not to discourage a shy feeder from fully immersing their head inside the tub in order to access all the forage right to the bottom. Empty, the feeder weighs approx. 10kg making it light enough to be portable but heavy enough to be durable.

The feeder itself is green with red clips on the rim and a red drainage bung near its base. The colour green is very familiar to horses as it is used a lot in yard equipment, and so the feeder should not panic a horse when first introduced to it. The colour also allows the feeder to blend into its surroundings in both the stable and field. The colourful red clips make it easier for you to locate whilst putting on and off the rim, and the red bung makes it easy to find if dropped.

How is The Feeder Tub designed ?

The rounded tub has four inverted sides to allow the feeding grill to move freely up and down as the horse eats the forage underneath. The inverted sides prevent the grill from spinning, thereby allowing the horse to rip the forage from the feeding holes, simulating the ripping of grass as seen during natural grazing. The tub also has a water tight drain plug to allow soaking and subsequent draining of hay and/or release of rainwater if used out doors.

How does The Rim work ?

The rim is designed to easily lock into place once the feeding grill has been placed on top of the forage, and will easily unlock by simultaneously squeezing the two red catches underneath the rim when the feeder is to be refilled. The locking action is such that even the most inquisitive of horses CAN NOT remove the rim, and therefore the feeding grill CAN NOT come out of the tub.

How does The Feeding Grill work ?

The feeding grill has three easily interchangeable disc inserts.  The feeding grill moves vertically up and down inside the tub as the horse eats, allowing access to the forage underneath at all times. The depth of the feeding grill ENSURES it cannot tip whilst inside the tub. As the feeding grill cannot tip or come out of the tub, the horse can ONLY access the forage through the feeding holes. At NO TIME can your horse gain access to any forage underneath or from the sides of the grill itself, once the grill is inside the tub and the rim is properly secured in place.

The preferred feeding disc insert is slotted into a groove at the base of the feeding grill and the design is such that the horse cannot remove the disc from the grill once it has been securely fitted. The discs can be easily interchanged as required to suit your individual horse’s needs.

How are the Feeding Holes designed ?

The feeding holes are designed in a funnel shape allowing room for the horse’s lips as he muzzles through the holes selecting a particular one to eat from. The design of the holes allows the horse’s mouth to gain close access to the forage underneath, whilst maintaining the strength of the disc. The 3mm thickness of the disc at the 70mm and 90mm hole site, allows the horses teeth the required proximity to the forage in order to feed. The holes are designed in an arc shape pattern enabling the horse to eat from side to side as they would when grazing naturally while also satisfying their natural foraging instinct.

How long does delivery take?

Mainland UK 1-2 working days on process of order, Rest of Europe 3-5 working days on process of order.

please note there are no deliveries on bank or public holidays- weekend deliveries are by request and incur a surcharge.

I don't see my country listed- do you ship outside of Europe?

We offer a bespoke door to door international shipping service, via our network of international freight forwarders, aiming to get the very best rates for our customers at the time.

Air freight takes approx. 2-5 days on process of order, and see freight takes between 3-5 weeks dependent on destination and customs clearance.

Please email to inquire about costings



Place the forage inside the feeder


Place feeding grill on top


Put on rim


Squeeze the two red catches, twist and click rim into place



Using allen key provided, unscrew the two nuts on either side of the feeding grill


Seperate the two halves of the feeding grill and remove the feeding disc


Fit the desired hole sixe feeding disc into the groove at the base of the feeding grill


Reclose the feeding grill using the allen key to re screw the 4 nuts tightly/span>



Align the 4 wall plates provided with the level of the brackets on the feeder, and screw into the wall


Using the two straps provided secure the feeder by running the first strap through the upper wall plates and brackets securing tightly behind the feeder and repeat for the lower wall plates and brackets


Using one strap secure the feeder through the upper & lower wall plates and brackets on one side and secure tightly. Repeat for the other side


Using one strap secure the feeder through the lower bracket & wall plate and then through the diagnolly opposite upper wall plate & bracket, Repeat with the other strap, tying both straps tightly to form an X behind the feeder



Using the two straps provided secure the feeder by running one strap trough the upper brackets on the feeder and around the fence post, tying tightly behind the feeder.
Repeat with the second strap through the lower brackets.

For Information on the Medical, Physical & Behavioural benefits of Haylo Slow Horse Feeder, Visit this page