HayLo Slow Hay Feeder – Benefits To Horse & Human


> Promotes correct Skeletal and Muscular Alignment whilst eating

> Enables Natural Jaw Action by allowing eating from a low head position

> Prevents gorging by providing a steady & controlled stream of food.

> Removes feed anxiety and Aggression caused by long periods without food

> Helps prevent Ulcers as saliva produced through Continuous chewing buffers stomach acid

> Can help reduce bad stable habits, vices and negative stereotypical behaviours which can be caused by boredom.

> Helps minimise Stress attributed to a lack of forage

> Prevents ingestion of dirt, sand & parasites from the ground
Aids with the natural draining of sinuses.

> Reduces Inhalant & Bronchial allergies


> Provides you with PEACE OF MIND that your horse is Happy & Healthy, and never left too long without food.

> SAVES MONEY on Veterinary Chiropractic and Dental bills directly attributed to conditions presented as a result of incorrect feeding techniques

> REDUCES FEED COSTS due to waste resulting from forage trampled into bedding

> SAVES TIME and effort whilst mucking out as no forage mixed up with bedding

> Allows you a MORE FLEXIBLE SCHEDULE as no longer constrained to specific feeding times.

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