As an Equine Dentist, it is imperative to me that my horses eat in a low head position, which insures the correct alignment of the lower jaw and allows for a natural chewing motion, thereby preventing both dental and back problems and positively contributing to their overall health; and so I have always fed from ground level.

The HayLo feeder has given me great confidence in that it provides my horses with a consistent supply of forage which they can eat from the correct vertical low head position, whilst also encouraging the searching and ripping action, via the feeding holes, which allows for the even ware of the front teeth, as they are now engaged in their correct action as with natural grazing.

As an added advantage to me is that as their forage is now contained within the tub, I have eliminated all waste- no more daily mucking out of haylage mixed in shavings!!

Maria O’Rourke EQDT- Killiney, Co. Dublin


The HayLo Feeder works well, does slow down the horse’s eating and much reduces or eliminates waste.
Horse adapts quickly to it and seems quite happy to use it.
Once it is fixed in place opening and filling it daily is easy enough to do.

John Brennan MRCVS – Fennor, Co.Waterford


Having been involved in the trialling of the HayLo feeder for the past 3 months, I can honestly say it is the most well thought out and designed piece of stable equipment currently on the market today for feeding hay & haylage.

Providing my horses with a constant supply of forage is of paramount importance, as I have always found that this avoids boredom, stress and vices, particularly with the youngsters.

Prior to using the HayLo feeder, providing this continuous supply has resulted in a lot of wastage due to hay/ haylage getting soiled upon and also dragged through bedding- wasting both forage and bedding.

Eliminating this wastage has saved me time, labor and money.

I would wholeheartedly recommend the HayLo feeder.

Helen Sweeney, Briarfield Farm Livery Yard – Aughrim, Co.Wicklow


The HayLo Feeder does exactly what it has been designed for. After testing it with a number of two year old colts there has never been any wastage or forage left in the tub, and it has truly withstood the investigative front and hind legs of boisterous young thoroughbreds! This is a seriously robust piece of  equipment.

Gerard Kennedy, Sherbourne Lodge – Glengoole, Thurles, Co.Tipperary


I am delighted to see the HayLo feeder has come to market having been involved in the trials of the first prototype through to the finished product.

I have trialed the feeder at my yard with 10 different horses ranging from 17hh warmbloods to 13hh unbroken ponies and have found it to be a fantastic and robust piece of equipment, and a viable alternative to haynets in order to both slow down the eating, while allowing for eating from a more naturally low head position.

As a yard owner the biggest benefit to me for using the feeder is being safe in the knowledge that the horses have a steady supply of haylage throughout the night and all waste is eliminated.

Jade Morton, Valleyview Stud-  Killegar Rd, Enniskerry, Co.Wicklow


Many thanks for such a marvelous prize. A very clever way of feeding straw/hay.  I used to place feed straw on the ground which inevitably resulted in waste. 

The fact the Hay-lo is portable too means I can take it from the barn to the field. Also very useful that hay can be soaked if needs be.

We haven’t fixed it to the wall or fence so they can all get around it.

Gill Reynolds, Woodside Cattery – Lincolnshire


I am absolutely delighted with mine. The horses have adapted really well and have taken to them straight away.

I don’t have the worry of leaving nets low, or on the ground, and the horses getting caught up in them. Despite all being barefoot it still concerns me as the nets eventually weaken and holes can appear over night, so no more emergency patching up with bailing twine either!

The horses are happily trickle feeding without frustration and for considerably longer than using even small holed nets.

From my perspective, I have saved so much time and effort as I no longer have to lug heavy, wet nets around because you can use the HayLo for hay soaking or dampening down, as there is a bung in the bottom for drainage.

I’m really looking forward to the Winter when I will no longer experience a ‘sense of humour by-pass’ struggling with wet, heavy nets in cold, freezing weather as the Hay-Lo has made this a thing of the past!

My daily chore of haynet filling has reduced drastically from 9-12 nets to just 3 ! I really can’t praise the Hay-lo enough, they are robust but light to move, strong and extremely well made and thought out. Quality !

Lindsay Cotteral   DAEP, Dip. IAZ – Chippenham, Wiltshire


The HayLo is a sturdy, horse friendly feeding system that does exactly what it should do. It gently limits the horse’s intake of hay through it’s clever grid device without frustrating the life out of the horse.

In this way it replicates the natural environment where a horse would trickle feed over a long period of time without compromising the horse’s natural grazing stance.

Once my horses had got the hang of it they were very happy to feed from it and my Exmoors thought it was very satisfactory indeed!

Sarah Weston, Logical Hosremanship – Fordingbridge, Hampshire


Thank you so much HayLo!!!

My two mares are out all day and stabled at night. I fill the feeders in the evening and they last right through to the next morning – where it is now a joy to come into the stables with